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Lands of great wines and the home of truffles, these lands are today one of the destinations of international tourism. In the Piedmontese dialect, the term "langa" ind...


The Langhe in medieval times saw a myriad of castles,churches, abbeys and in the following centuries,noble villas,palaces, peasant villages, farmhouses. Pavese, Fenogl...


The area northwest of Alba, instead takes the name of Roero, from the Lords who had for a long time dominionand presents it self to the eyes of the visitor with two di...


Other Tours


The town of Racconigi, famous for the Savoy Royal Castle of,neoclassical forms and a richly decorated interior. Behindthe building is the magnificent park....



The nearby town of Savigliano preserves in addition to apleasant historical center, with the historic Piazza Santarosa,full of buildings of great interest, the churches of St. Peter....



A particular note is dedicated to Fossano where it is pleasanta walk along the central via Roma, in large part in Portici,where there are buildings of considerable historical and artistic interest....



Already existing before the eleventh century, the town of Saluzzo became the capital of the homonymous marquisate reaching its maximum splendor...



Trails in Langa

Places of particular charm, from landscapes of rare beauty

The charm of the Roero

The Roero and the new tourist destination that reassesses its millenarian history and looks to New world

Castles and Marquisates

New cultural goals that have programmed the change to play a role as a program of the global tourism market

The door of the Roero

Rural atmosphere, perspective cones and enchantin landscapes where you can breathe the scent of the past


Sommariva and Roero present them selves as sources of the best creative expressions, reevaluating and adjusting the traditions....

SELTzzz - no ordinary museum

The country's fairytale original Idea and unusual collection for a museum out of the ordinary. Modernity and Tradition:perfect combination of shapes and design....