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Our Junior Suite

Comfort and class

Furniture traits with a completely unique charm. Delicate curtains and secrets rich in mystery that know how to reach the deep soul of the visitor by hitting him with the magic of details and the harmony of sinuous forms, to leave him enchanted as in a dream, regenerator for the soul. bathroom with shower and tub, or with hydromassage shower, including complete De Luxe courtesy set, air conditioning.


Gallery Junior Suite

The Suites

Originality and romance

The rooms, all to be discovered and all different from each other, look like a treasure trove of antiques and craftsmanship in the guest's eyes, like a graceful Eden, where you can rest and refresh yourself from the frenetic rhythms of life, wrapped in delicate and soft fabrics that will inebriate the senses immersed in the harmony of silence. Bathroom inside the room and complete courtesy set.


Gallery Suite

Standard Rooms

Simplicity and bright spaces

The rooms are simple, elegant and delicate, with refined and exclusive style details, where the bright and bright colors of the fabrics infuse calm and serenity. Equipped with all the comforts for a modern lifestyle and to better satisfy our welcome guest, because it is a guest and not just a customer.
Private and exclusive bathroom, outside the room, including courtesy set.


Gallery Camere Standard